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Leak Detection Using Infrared Tampa & Clearwater, Florida

Bathroom With InfraredI FInd Leaks can detect any water leak, or plumbing pipe leak using infrared inspection technology. We have state of the art infrared leak detection equipment to solve every water leak's mystery!

We are the Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding area's specialist when it comes to detecting signs of hidden leaks & moisture behind walls using infrared thermal imaging leak detection equipment. Our state of the art infrared building inspection system can normally detect signs of a water leak with extreme accuracy. The process is non-invasive, non-contact and results can be viewed within minutes while we are on site at your home or office. With the improvement in infrared leak detection inspection technology there is no need for us to put holes in your walls or ceilings in order to provide you with a complete and accurate infrared inspection survey.

Behind Toilet Without InfraredThe reason our leak detection and infrared inspection services are so popular in and around Tampa and Clearwater, is because not only can we find your leak but we can also make recommendations for repairing the problem. We provide detailed infrared inspection reports to home owners, business owners, property managers and their respective insurance companies.

We've found plenty of "nasty surprises" behind walls in Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding area homes and businesses using our infrared thermal imaging camera and advanced leak detection services.

The left-hand photo below is the naked eye image of a bathroom with water damage and a hidden water leak. The right hand photo is an infrared image of the same bathroom during an infrared imaging house inspection. Notice all of the water under the tile and on the wall not visible to the naked eye. Moisture in walls can cause both structural integrity problems, mold growth, bacteria growth and are signs of a very unhealthy home. With our infrared leak detection imaging equipment we can see this water damage first hand!

Infrared Leak Detection Camera Infrared Leak Detection Camera
Without Infrared With Infrared

Should you get a water leak test or infrared inspection before buying a home in the Tampa or Clearwater Area? Absolutely! The below photo shows how water from a leaking refrigerator line has gone directly underneath the kitchen cabinets and caused water damage to the cabinet toe kicks. Even though the leaking refrigerator line was repaired by a licensed plumbing contractor, the water damage was not dried properly and cannot be seen with the naked eye. There was no visual evidence of this major water leak problem; therefore the thermal imaging camera was a crucial tool in pinpointing the water damage! Replacing water damaged building materials can prove to be very costly if not restored to original condition immediately. Water damaged materials can be a hot spot for mold growth in as little as 24 hours if the water damage restoration process is not started immediately. Let an infrared inspection start the water damage restoration process before it's too late.

Infrared Leak Detection Camera Infrared Leak Detection Camera
Without Infrared With Infrared

What is Infrared?

Infrared technology was invented in the 1980's. Infrared equipment back in the 1980's was very large and very expensive. With the advances in technology over the past twenty years, we now have infrared camera's that will fit in the palm of your hand and provide instant infrared images. The devices can even compile water damage reports on the spot for home and business owners, property managers and insurance adjusters.
In the simplest terms, infrared energy is light that we cannot see with our eyes, but our bodies can detect as heat. Infrared energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that includes radio waves, X-rays and visible light. All of these forms of energy have a specific frequency not seen by the naked human eye. Scientists and professionals use this technology for many different things in today's day and age in fields such as space exploration, manufacturing, water damage and moisture detection.

The Proof Is In The Purple!Infrared Leak Detection

The use of infrared technology to locate hidden water leaks and moisture problems in Tampa and Clearwater building materials has proven very valuable to home and business owners with water leak issues. Results are instant and the infrared / thermal images are easy to read, understand, share and can serve as factual proof in the event of a water damage claim or lawsuit. Excessive moisture destroys structural integrity, promotes mold and mildew growth which can lead to serious health concerns especially for the elderly and infants. Often, these water damage and mold problems are not obvious until a large problem has been created in your home or office. If you can discover these issues early through infrared inspection technology, you can save yourself time and money as well as increase your Tampa and Clearwater area building's healthy lifespan dramatically.

The biggest benefit to property owners by using infrared technology to locate water leak and moisture related issues is that the process is unobtrusive and non-destructive to your property. Infrared imagery allows you to "see" the water damage immediately even if there are no water stains on building materials such as walls or ceilings. An infrared inspection report can even be compiled on site by our water damage technicians and emailed to you before we even leave your home. For any other questions in regards to infrared inspections, water damage or mold issues please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you solve your moisture related water damage issue once and for all with the use of infrared inspection technology.

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