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Water Damage and Water Leak Detection Tampa, FL

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We handle these types of water damage emergencies!

With all of the recent flooding in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, I Find Leaks is here to resolve your water damage and leak detection emergencies. If you are experiencing water leaks from the recent storms, please contact us. We can locate the leaks using our thermal water leak detection equipment. We are a specialized leak service that can handle emergency leak detection from storms without excavation or wall demolition.

Tampa Flooding Water Damage
Tampa Flooding Water Damage

I Find Leaks Tampa is a licensed bonded insured Leak Detection Company!

Tampa's Finest leak detection CompanyLicensed
Tampa's Finest Master leak detection Company Bonded
Tampa's Finest Master leak detection Company Insured
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  • Commercial Water Leak Detections
  • Leak Detection Tampa
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Latest Leak Detection Technology

The team here at I Find and Dry Leaks uses the latest water leak technology on the market today to accurately assess your problem, find the leak, and provide tailored solutions for any home or commercial building in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater Florida. We strive to avoid traditional methods of leak detection and remediation and The Cleaner Magpride ourselves in our ability to locate leaks and restore your property to like new condition with minimal damage to your valuable property and life! From start to finish, we can handle every stage of your leak related problem.

We're Certified in Water Damage

I Find and Dry Leaks is also an IICRC certified mold remediation and water damage restoration company that can restore any damage to your property with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family. We work directly with 95% of insurance companies insuring property in the Tampa Bay area. We can Leak Detectiondirect bill your insurance company with no out of pocket expense to you. We understand times are tough and we are here to help!

High Water Bill

We have a Network of Plumbers

I Find and Dry Leaks has special arrangements with several Tampa Bay area plumbing companies. We have worked with hundreds of plumbing companies in the bay area and we know who's the best! We have arranged special pricing for our customers with these premier companies. Have your leak repaired by a licensed professional for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. Call us first, we are the Tampa Bay area's preferred leak detection company.

High Water Bill

Do You Have a High Water Bill?

The first place we check for hidden water leaks is your water meter. If the little red triangle or blue dial is turning constantly with no water running in the house, you have a leak! The most common "leak" we find is toilets running. Check your toilets to ensure they are not running when not flushed. Any easy way to do this would be to remove the lid to the tank and put your ear close to the valve inside. If you can hear a hissing Water Meter in Tampanoise, you need to have the valve replaced. Call us and we will refer a plumbing company to you keeping quality and cost in mind. Is my water bill high due to a water leak?

If your water bill has increased by more than 20% without changes being made to sprinkler watering times, or having company visit your home, you probably have a leak! Check the average usage listed right on your water bill from previous months and look for an uptick in useage

High Water Bill

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There are a handful of local leak detection companies here in the bay area, but no one comes close to our customer service & family oriented way of doing business. We know your home is your sanctuary, we intend to keep it that way! Our leak detection technicians always arrive on time and take important steps to ensure your property is not disturbed when locating problematic leaks. We wear BOOTIES on our shoes to protect your flooring and always find our leaks electronically with our infrared and sonar systems. Call us, you'll be glad you did: 866-606-5325